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Published on: May 6, 2011

It’s that time again, some new stuff is starting to filter into the DFW area. Most of it should be available at your local high quality beer retailer, be it Majestic, Lone Star Bev, Whip In 117, Halls, Grapevine Beer and Wine or elsewhere! If you need more suggestions, just check our Locations page.

Lots of goodies hitting our area, though!

For Starters, another of Widmer’s former secret projects is arriving. Much like the KGB Imperial Stout, the new X-114 IPA started as something they messed around with at the brewery, and have only recently decided to distribute. And I for one, am glad!

Austin brewery Real Ale’s finally done us a favor and shipped DFW their delicious Lost Gold IPA, both in bottled form, and in especially tasty cask for at some of the local beer bars.

Great Divide’s shipped us two new delights, including the 17th Anniversary Wood-Aged Double IPA, and the Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti. Neither of these beers are truly “new” to the area, but it has been a while since the shipment. Get it while it lasts!

Bridgeports Double Red arrives, as well.

And finally, and perhaps most interestingly, Mikkeller, that crazy-awesome beer gypsy, brings us another of his twisted creations. This time it’s a “Coffee IPA”. Sure, why not. Coffee, hops, they’re both bitter, what the hell right? Sadly this one hasn’t quite made our area yet, as the TABC is doing their usual thing, and holding it up. But with any luck, look for it to hit your favorite store’s shelves soon.

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