Brewdog “Super Beers” Release at Flying Saucer

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Published on: April 16, 2011

Coming soon to the Flying Saucer on the Lake, at Ray Hubbard, the release parties for two of Brewdog’s biggest beers. This Scottish brewery has quickly become infamous for both it’s daring beers, and it’s outlandish methods of promoting them. Recently two of their strongest beers including the 32% Tactical Nuclear Penguin and the 41% IPA Sink The Bismark became available in the area. If the high alcohol or the high prices have kept you away from your own bottle, then the Saucer has the solution.

April 25th, the Saucer is releasing the Tactical Nuclear Penguin, and will be serving it in 2oz tasting pours. At 32%, perhaps that’s enough.

On May 27th, they’ll be releasing the Sink The Bismark, and just as before, will be serving this insane, 41% IPA in 2oz tasting pours. And really, unless someone else is driving, 2 “shots” of 41% IPA is probably enough.

Neither pour will come cheaply, but compared to the price of a full bottle, it’s practically a bargain.

Both of these beers held the title of Worlds Strongest Beer at one point, a record that was later broken…only for Brewdog to claim it again themselves with another beer claiming an even higher ABV.

May as well head out to the Saucer and taste a bit of beer history.

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