Avery Beer Breakfast and Tap Takeover at the Common Table

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Published on: October 10, 2012

Coming this November, Saturday the 10th to be specific…Avery Brewing is conquering the Common Table. Or…at least the Common Table’s going to be filling up all their taps with Avery Beers. They last did this with Dogfish Head beers, and that turned out to be a fantastic event.

Given that they featured Bitches Brew, Olde School Barleywine, and 120 all on Tap back then…and are promising new-to-DFW rarities from Avery this time…

Well, if you think you’re gonna skip this event, I’m hereby revoking your Craft Beer Cred right now. Yes, I’m authorized to do that.

Expect 20+ Avery beers on tap…some of them are likely to be very, very rare. Even better, they’re kicking it all off with a Beer Brunch featuring even more rarities.

I’m personally hoping they have something that will…Tweak people out.

And if you get that reference, I know you’re going to be there.

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