Ballast Point Hits DFW At Last

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Published on: March 28, 2012

This Wednesday, March 28th, Ballast Point finally, finally, FINALLY hits DFW. If it seems like we’ve been hearing that for months now, it’s because we have. Literally. We were first told Ballast Point would land in the Dallas-Fort Worth area sometime last September. Then, week by week and month by month the days just kept getting pushed back.

Yet after all that, it’s finally here. The Common Table in dallas will be tapping several kegs of various Ballast Point beers including among others, their Big Eye IPA.

But let’s not kid ourselves. We’re all hardcore craft beer fans here, and we know what the main attraction is. It’s the beer that Beer Advocate proclaims as the Number 1 IPA in the entire world… ( That’s single, NOT Double or Imperial IPA. )

Sculpin. One of the greatest things to ever have copious amounts of hops added to it.

The Common Table taps the Sculpin at 6pm, but they’ll be tapping a few other beers at 5.

Go drink some!

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