Avery Night at the Common Table

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Published on: January 15, 2012

This Tuesday, January 17th, The Common Table’s Brewsday Tuesday will feature some fantastic Avery beers being tapped. These include delicious hop-monsters Maharaja and Dugana, as well as draft Rumpkin! If you’ve not yet gotten to try Avery Rumpkin, you’re missing out. It’s a Pumpkin ale aged in Rum Barrels…oh, and it clocks in at just a hair under 17%. So yeah, it’s pretty big. It’s also pretty rare, and pretty delicious.

The other beers are being tapped that day, but the Rumpkin will be an especially short supply as it’s essnetially going to be what’s left over from The Common Table’s excellent Avery/Saint Arnold collaborative beer dinner. As of press time, the dinner was very nearly sold out, but there may be a few seats left due to cancellation if you still want to try and get in.

Or if you’re like us and you couldn’t make it in this time, why not head out Tuesday evening for some Rumpkin or whatever your favorite Avery beer may be? Tappings start at 5 and some of them won’t last long, so get there early.

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