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Published on: December 21, 2011

Couple updates on some recent tappings at three of DFW’s best pubs, as of the week before Christmas. The Common Table in Dallas is now pouring two amazing beers from Mikkeller, including the White Wine barrel aged version of their fantastic 13% Imperial Stout, Black Hole. They’ve also tapped Big Worst, which may well be Mikkellers biggest beer. It weighs in at about 18%, give or take a few tenths. It’s a Barleywine, and is a stepped up version of his equally delicious Big Worse. Haven’t had it yet, but hopping to give it a try!

A few blocks over at the Meddlesome Moth, they’ve also got the Big Worst on tap. And tonight, December 21st, they’ll be tapping a rare aged keg of Sierra Nevada’s infamous, and fantastic barleywine Bigfoot. This batch is from 2009, so expect increased complexity and decreased hoppiness when compared to the fresh version.

And up at the Holy Grail, as of last week they have some truly delicious Belgian and Belgian style Christmas ales on tap including St. Bendardus Christmas, Delirium Noel, and Ommegang Adoration. They’ve also got the Czar on tap, which is always a favorite of mine this time of year.



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