Jester King Farmhouse Ales tasting at Zio Carlo

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Published on: December 14, 2011

Whether you think the owner of the new Fort Worth Brewpub Zio Carlo is a pariah or a hero, you’ve probably heard of his place. If not, well, you must be living under a DFW area Facebook rock. Suffice to say, business, Facebook, politics, and alcohol don’t make for very good bedfellows. Lines were drawn, allegiances declared, the One Ring sought…and…well…the important thing is that he brews beer and makes great authentic Italian food. (We don’t take sides here at DFWHops, we just enjoy craft beer.)

Anyway, Zio Carlo is hosting Ron Extract of Jester King this Thursday, December 15th. (I’ll let you ask if that’s his stage name…) Ron will be taking all visitors on a guided tasting tour of Jester King’s wide variety of Farmhouse ales. Expect lots of different taste profiles, all equally delicious in their own way. Jester King may be increasingly divisive among Texas craft fans due to their decision to forgo the recipes that made them relatively famous in favor of an all-farmhouse lineup, but regardless of your opinion on that they’re certainly one of Texas’ boldest, most daring breweries.

So go check them out! If you missed the big Jester King / Mikkeller Beer Dinner, and you haven’t been down to visit JK in Austin, odds are you won’t have tried many of these beers. It’ll cost $25, you’ll get to sample six different beers, and is sure to be very well worth it.

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