Dallas Beer Week: The Final Day

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Published on: November 19, 2011

Saturday, November 19th, and it’s the final day of Dallas Beer Week. The week was supposed to conclude with a craft beer festival as it’s grand finale, but unfortunately the fest has been postponed due to an unforeseen financial situation.

But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of beer left to drink, and plenty of places to drink it. Many of the beers scheduled to be tapped during the fest are already in the area, and are supposedly making their way around to various bars. I’ve heard that quite a few of them will make it to Trinity Hall, for example.

Also, Mikkel is going to be headed to the Amsterdam Bar this evening, since he won’t be able to attend the beer fest now. But I’m sure that the Mikkeller Beers set for the beer fest will be showing up at the Amsterdam as well as Mikkel himself and Thomas, both from Mikkeller. I know the Amsterdam is proud to host these infamous and talented brewers, so why not stop by and have a beer with them? They’re definitely scheduled to be tapping I Beat yoU, a fantastic IIPA collaboration with Brewdog. ( IBU, get it? )  I had it Thursday, and it’s delicious.

They should be there around 5, and the bar’s likely to fill up in a hurry. Then, at 6, Dennis from Franconia will be there to tap his increasingly famous 200 year old wooden keg, this time filled with a dry hopped Fall’n Bock.

There are plenty of places with great beers leftover, too, and more that are tapping extra beers. The Common Table claims to have the last keg in the world of 2009 Oskar Blues ODB, their fantastic, and 13%, Barleywine. They’re also putting up Maui Imperial Coconut Porter. And beyond that they’ve got plenty of other delicious leftovers from throughout the week.

Beyond that, if you’ve got a favorite bar, pub, beer joint, etc…stop by or give them a call and see if they’ve rescued anything from the postponed Dallas Beer Fest!

And that…is about it for Dallas Beer Week! Hope you had a great one, I know we at DFWHops sure did.

Many thanks to Jay and Cathy for putting it together, and thanks to all the event organizers for Dallas Beer Week, Moth Sour Beer Week, and anyone else who put an event together.



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