Dallas Beer Week: Friday

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Published on: November 18, 2011

A little late posting up Friday’s happenings, but can you blame me? If you can, well, you obviously weren’t at the Jester King / Mikkeller Beer Dinner last night. I meant to get the post up before I went to the dinner, then told myself I’d do it when I got home…and obviously that didn’t happen! Ah, well. ( Review of the event coming soon. )

Moving on, Dallas Beer Week is almost wrapping up but there are still some fantastic tappings and events in store for Friday, November 18th.

As previously mentioned here at DFW Hops The Addison Flying Saucer will be tapping a keg of Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA at 5pm. Get there early because it won’t last long. Previous kegs at the Holy Grail and the Moth have blown in less then 15 minutes.

Strangeways in Dallas is releasing all sorts of Mikkeller rarities including the infamous 1,000 IBU. ( Best name for an IIPA ever. ) They’re also supposed to have Black Hole ( Not sure which version ) plus Beer Geek Rauch, and the Chipotle Porter. Perhaps others, as well. In addition they’ll have the love them or hate them Brewdog releases Tactical Nuclear Penguin and Sink The Bismark. These are an imperial stout and an IPA that weight in at a ridiculous 32% and 41%, respectively. So enjoy your shot of IPA responsibly.

Up at the Holy Grail Pub, in Plano, they’ll have a cask of Saint Arnold’s Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout. Since unless you count the Tatonka they contract brew for BJ’s, they don’t have an Imperial Stout as part of their regular rotation, this is understandably a pretty rare beer. It’s also pretty delicious.

If Imperial Stouts and IPAs aren’t you thing, perhaps you’re more interested in IPA night over at the Libertine in Dallas. They’re going to feature somewhere in the realm of a half dozen different sour beers, so if you’re addicted to the tartness you better get over there.

Just across the street from the Libertine be sure to stop in the Bottle Shop to get your growlers filled up with fantastic beers from Austin’s own (512) Brewing.

If you want more DFW Brewed goodness, head on over to Trinity Hall where they’re scheduled to tap a cask conditioned Rahr and Sons Winter Warm. Or, give Deep Ellum brewing a call to find out the details of their special Friday Dallas Beer Week brewery tour.

As always, there’s even more then that so head right over to www.DallasBeerWeek.com to see what’s brewing! Ugh, terrible pun. This is what happens when I’m in beer dinner recovery mode. Anyway, go drink some!

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