Meddlesome Moth Beer Week Tappings

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Published on: November 14, 2011

Let’s not forget that the Meddlesome Moth in Dallas is also having some fantastic tappings this week. Now, they’re not technically a part of Dallas Beer Week. Rather, they’re running their own concurrent event, which they’re also calling Beer Week. I’ve heard it called Fall Ale Week, Sour Beer Week, and a few other things as well. But it doesn’t really matter what they’re calling it, it only matters that they’re tapping great beers.

Each day of the week they’re tapping a different sour beer, and a different rarity guaranteed to be pure awesome. On Sunday November 13th they tapped the New Belgium Clutch, one of my favorite NB beers. It’s a great Imperial Stout with a woody, tart edge. They also tapped the always delicious Real Ale Empire.

Monday, November 14th they’ll be tapping the New Belgium Tart Lychee, a real rarity in NB’s sour collection. It likely won’t last long. But perhaps even better then that, they’ll also be tapping 3 different Green Flash beers. Including the Imperial IPA, on Cask no less! Wow. They’ll also have West Coast IPA, and a “surprise beer”. Oh, and did I mention that Chuck Silva. brewmaster of Green Flash will be there? There’s a chance the surprise beer may even be “named” after him if you get my drift. It was last time, hehe. Then again it might be something totally different, that’s entirely a guess on our part.

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