Saint Arnold Divine Reserve 11 at the Holy Grail

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Published on: March 30, 2011

Last night DFWHops visited the Holy Grail pub in Plano for our new site’s first rare beer tapping. In this case, the beer was a cask-conditioned version new Divine Reserve #11, by Houston brewery Saint Arnold’s.

Each beer in the Divine Reserve series is a totally different style, and this time around they brewed a Double IPA.

As the beer was left unfilitered and this particular batch came from a freshly tapped cask, the beer poured a bit cloudier then the style often does, and in the glass it had the same cloudy golden hue of a nice hefeweizen.

The flavor and aroma were also intriguingly altered by the cask conditioning, with the usual upfront bittersweet tastes and scents of pine and grapefruit unexpectedly subdued. The hops came in a bit slower, and came with flavors of peach, apricot, and tropical fruits. Very tasty nonetheless and still nicely layered. Definitely worth having the cask conditioned version at least once!

DFWHops was later informed by the Rep from Saint Arnold that she too was surprised by the muted nature of the hops, as she told us that the regular tap version was much mroe up front, more of a “hop bomb” as she put it.

Guess we’ll have to track some down!

The event itself was a lot of fun, as well, and very well attended. Holy Grail is a small, cozy little neighborhood gastro pub that feels a bit like the sort of corner pub you’d find in any small town in the UK. Only with a much larger selection of craft brews.

The crowd that showed up to try out the cask of DR11, filled the place to capacity, and within only 45 minutes from tapping the cask, it had been completely emptied. Didn’t see any of it going back or hear anyone complaining, though, aside from the one glass of mostly yeast that got sent back at the very end.

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