Beer FeAst at Fort Worth Flying Saucer October 8th

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Published on: October 6, 2011

This Saturday, October 8th, the Flying Saucer in Fort Worth will be hosting their annual Beer FeAst! Actually, it’s the first time they’ve added a capitalized A to slightly alter the name, but that’s beside the point. As usual for this event you can expect a lot of rare and hard to find beers on tap, this time the list is said to top out at over 50 beers to choice form, which would make this their largest event yet. Expect beers to cross a variety of styles from stouts to sours, IPAs to Tripels, lagers and ales. Also expect to some rarities show up in cask conditioned form.

Price of admission will get you a commemorative tasting glass to keep, as well as your choice of 10 beers to sample. Want more then that? Full pours are also available for an additional fee, and I guess you might be able to buy a second tasting card. But if you do, please have someone else drive you home. Yanno, someone who hasn’t been drinking. Enjoy responsibly, people.

The event begins at noon and runs all day long. Some of these beers are going to go pretty fast, so our advice? Get there early and pace yourself. So really…what are you waiting for?

Go drink some!

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