Open The Taps Launch Party at Common Table

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Published on: August 25, 2011

This Saturday, August 27th, come join Open The Taps at the Common Table for their DFW-Area Launch Party. The Common Table will be tapping some amazing beers to celebrate this event including a cask conditioned Saint Arnold Weedwhacker, a barrel-aged Real Ale Porter, and among others, Sierra Nevada Bigfoot. Cause nothing says refreshment in the 106 degree heat like a big, hoppy 9.5% Barleywine. Actually, if you support Open The Taps, that’s probably exactly the kind of beer you’d love to drink on tap right now. I know I would.

But wait, you might say, who are Open The Taps? Well before you shame yourself in public by asking such a question, here’s a little background on this great organization.

Open The Taps are a “grassroots” movement dedicated to giving the “4th Tier” a voice. The 4th Tier being us beer consumers, a much larger group then all the breweries, distributors, and wholesalers, but also the only group without a voice to help affect the Texas Craft Beer scene.

At least, until now. Open The Taps is working to empower us, the Texas Craft Beer Consumers, and give us a chance to affect real, beneficial change to the Texas Legislation as it relates to craft beer, and breweries. They’re just getting under way but they’ve already making some pretty big waves, and it sounds like the TABC may even be happy to help them get some of these ridiculous laws changed, perhaps even as soon as the next Legislative Session. Of course, they need YOUR Support, and will be hosting a membership drive at their DFW area Launch Party this saturday.

Memberships start at just $35, but even if you can’t afford that right now, stop by and have a beer. The Common Table is donating a dollar to Open The Taps for every single Pint sold.

So in this case, quite literally every beer helps! So, you know what to do…

…Go drink some!

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