Peticolas Brewery Tasting

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Published on: July 13, 2011

Recently, DFWHops had a chance to attend a tasting session featuring a wide selection of beers by upcoming Dallas brewery, Peticolas Brewing Company. Peticolas is one of several new breweries preparing to open their doors, and finally break this hideous Dallas area brewery drought. There was a time that Dallas was host to quite a few microbreweries and brewpubs. My math may be slightly off, but I think that was about six hundred years ago. Since then most if not all those breweries have been washed away by the tide of economic troubles and the flood of macro-brewery swill that dominated the market for so long. In that time Dallas has been nearly erased from the craft brewing map.

Thankfully Breweries like Peticolas are about to change that. was able to sample six different beers from the upcoming Peticolas Brewery, and we came away impressed! And in the case of their fantastic Imperial Red Velvet Hammer, we can away VERY impressed.

Head on over to check out the full reviews and impressions in our forum, and be sure to leave your own thoughts! Jump straight to the article with this link:

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